Thursday, September 18, 2008

Digger ! DOS Game. Want to Play it Again !

Digger ! Nobbin Hobbin Emerald Gold Bonus ! Love to play it again and again.

Had you played it? Very Long Back? What has happened to this game now?

I still remember playing it in the computer class which I used to attend when I was in Class 5 (1992). My friends and I had joined a computer training institute where we got the basic computer knowledge.

Now coming to the game:
Digger DOS Game was created by Rob Sleath, Windmill software in 1983. It was available in 5.25" floppy disk for the IBM PCs. As it requires a genuine CGA card, it didn't work on modern PCs. It was running on the old systems with DOS (MS DOS and PC DOS) as the Operating System.

In the game, You should control the Digger and eat all the emerald to go to next level without getting bitten by Nobbins and Hobbins.

In 1998 Digger Remastered was created by Andrew Jenner, which runs on all PCs with CGA or better and plays just like the original. Now even available for MS Windows also. There is an Online Java Digger Remastered version made by Marek Futrega. I also have the same Java version put on to my website in Digger Game page. I play it many times.

The Official Digger Remastered Site gives you a lots of details and stories about this game. Check it.

I want to tell a bit about the times when we used to play digger in 1992.
There were only 2 systems in the computer training institute . The system we used to play Digger did not have a Hard Disk and was an old one (I think it was a 286 system, earlier to Pentium). We used to boot the system using MS DOS Bootable 5.25" Inch Floppy disk. Then remove the boot disk. Load the games disk. Play the game! Another system (386 system) was a bit more speed than that old one and had a Hard Disk also but the capacity was just 20 MB! Digger used to run very fast in this system, so we were not playing digger in the system with more speed.

Once I had made a highest score of 21000. Next day my friend took a challenge and sat playing Digger for more than an hour and made a score of 29000 ! We were expecting him to cross 30000 but the power went off..

Really those days were too exciting.. Happy Memories..

Keep Playing Digger ! - Lokesh


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Google Chrome: Effects Adsense Search !

Google Chrome: Will it effect Google Adsense for Search Publishers? May Cause low earnings to AdSense for Search Publishers.

We all know that Google Chrome is the New Browser launched by Google etc etc.. It has a lots of good features and exciting browsing speed.. It will help the users in many ways.

But does Google Chrome has any side effect on AdSense for Search Publishers in any way?

Webmasters used to provide a Google AdSense Search Box on each and every page and including Error Pages like 404 etc..

So the visitors used to search through the search box provided by the webmaster.. Got the search results along with Ads.. So more chances of clicking the Ads.. More earnings for the Adsense for Search Publishers..

Google Toolbar became popular and many users got it installed onto their browsers.. This caused a bit of hitch in the earnings of the AdSense for Search Publishers as most of the people started to use the toolbar search instead of search box on the webpages.. The feature "Search from Address Bar" also caused some similar effect to the AdSense For Search Publishers.

With the awarenes of privacy, spyware, adware, trojans etc might have caused many people to remove the installed toolbars even though it was provided by trusted companies including Google.. Some Spyware Detectors and Removers even listed the toolbars as spywares.. So the surfers again started to use the Search box on the webpage as they started to remove many toolbars installed onto their browsers.. This caused a small rise in the earnings to the Publishers.

The release of Google Chrome has added more to the reputation, sentiments and among the users as Google has provided Great products like Google Earth, Picasa, Desktop, Sketch Up, AdSense, AdWords, Apps, Mail, GTalk, Orkut, Blogger, etc. etc. etc. etc. and now Google Chrome. We all know that Google is the Most popular seach engine. The word "Google" now has become synonymus to "Search" in the web terms.

So this will make the users again to use the inbuilt Search feature but in a very great extent as the browser is provided by Google and no need to install any Toolbars from different provider..

This will Add a lot to the Google's Revenue.. As the Revenue generated from the Ads in the Search will belong only to the Google. There is no need to share the revenue generated from the AdSense for Search with other publishers as the results are due to inbuilt search box and not from the AdSense for Search Publisher as it is not on the Web page.

One day Google may make a policy and may not pay for the clicks of the Ads displayed in the results by the use of AdSense for Search Box where Google Chrome is the Browser. "When there is an inbuilt search, why would the user use the search box on the web page? May be the publisher himself generating search results and clicking on Ads!"

Who knows.. What will Happen..?

But For the Internet surfers Google has provided a very good tool..

What ever it may be.. Google is Really Great ! - Lokesh


Monday, September 15, 2008

Google The Great !

Google Google Google !

Google Search Engine & Tools, Google Earth, Google Sketch Up, Google Mail, Google Talk, Google AdSense & AdWords, Google Desktop, Google Apps, Google Pages Sites, Docs, Froogle, CheckOut, Orkut, Picasa, Knoll etc etc etc..

And Now, Google Chrome.. Google Google Everywhere... !

Google is Developing and Growing in a Great Pace. It has made many Giants to trail behind it in this Millennium..

This is My First Blog. So I decided to write about Google. And I thank Google, Blogger, BlogSpot and Other Google Services and Products a lot for providing Great Services.

I am a Fan of Google. Google is Simply Great !

The things I would like and expect from Google in near future:
1) Google Office: Desktop (not online) Version of Google Documents.
2) Google Linux: The Linux Distribution provided by Google with all of its free softwares on it.
3) Google OS: Different from Linux, totally By the Google, Of the Google but For the People.
4) Google Hardware: Like Google Mouse, Keyboard, Pen/Thumb Drives, Writers, Printers, Disks etc..
5) Google Mobile Phones (gPhone), PDAs (gPalm), DeskTops (gPC), LapTops (gPAD) etc etc etc..
6) Google Processors CPUs: gx86, g64Bit, etc. etc. etc.
7) Many More...

We are (may be) waiting for these.. But, I am definitely waiting for these..

G for Great, G for Google, G for Genius.

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All the things mentioned in my blog by me are My Opinions and My Thoughts If they are Not Facts.! If anyone is offended by the content, please tell me with reasons.
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