Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Phishing and Spoof - Part 1 - Introduction

"Phishing" is the term used for obtaining the sensitive information by the use of fake webpages. The users are usually sent Official looking Forged emails with a link to the Fake Page and asked to enter the sensitive information into the Fake Page.

"Spoof" or Spoof Email is the Forged of Fake Email which appears to be sent by some Reputed Company which usually contains the link to the web page which is used for Phishing and tells you to update your account details or to provide password or some sensitive data.

The Fake Page used for the Phishing is very similar to the Official Web pages of the particular Company (usually Financial Service Companies). The usernames, passwords, credit card number, PIN Number, Bank account number, Birthday, Mother's Maiden Name etc are some of the common sensitive information which the Fake Page usually collects.

Some consider the Spoof and Phishing not too serious and think that it may at max result only in some financial loss. But Spoof and Phishing can be used to get sensitive information which can be later used to do illegal activities.

The sensitive information can be used to log into your email account and send abusive or threatening emails to some authorities. It can be used to log into your online bank account and transfer funds to the person who uses it for illegal activities using your funds as the source. This can result in you getting screwed up for the things which you have not done.

It is secondary that after careful investigations it may reveal that only your account is used and you are not actually involved. But it depends on the facilities available to investigate and the co-operation of the service providers. But the mental trauma which you get is really worse.

So the Spoof and Phishing can really result in dangerous things. If you be careful and try to recognize the spoof and phishing, you can really prevent and protect from getting Phished.

In this post I have given a simple introduction about Spoof and Phishing. In my next post I will mention few things to consider to recognize the Spoof and Phishing.
Phishing and Spoof - Part 2 - Recognize Spoof and Phishing


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