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Phishing and Spoof - Part 3 - Few Tips to Prevent Getting Spoofed and Phished

In previous post I had mentioned few things which will help you to recognize Potential Spoof and Phishing. In this post I will tell some of the tips which will help you to recognize and prevent Spoof and Phishing.

Few Tips To Prevent from being Phished:

1) Browser and Add-ons:
It is better that you use browsers like Mozilla FireFox or Opera as they are more secure compared to Internet Explorer. Kindly Enable the Status Bar of your browser.
Do not install unnecessary ToolBars, Add-ons/Plug-ins to the browsers.
Kindly disable certain JavaScript activities which will Hide Status Bar, Hide Address Bar, Change Status Bar Text, Disable or Replace Context Menus. These features may prevent you from recognizing the Phishing Attempts.
Look whether you can resize a PopUp Window. If you cannot, better to change to a different browser like FireFox or enable the options which will allow you to resize the PopUp windows. Check the Help Pages of your browser or ask the Help in some of the Web Forums.

2) Internet Surfing Habit:
It is a good habit to type the address of the bank and other financial service companies rather than clicking the link in emails or other non-standard websites. Or use the Bookmark/Favourites of the Browser. Do not use 3rd party web-services or online bookmarking services for bookmarking the addresses of the Financial company websites.

3) Look for "HTTPS" and Address Bar Text:
Look for the "https://" and the URL in the Address Bar Text in the address bar where you login to the website.

4) Look for "PadLock" symbol:
Look for the PadLock Symbol in the Status Bar of your Browser.

5) Use Anti-Phishing Browser Features:
Some browsers have Anti-Phishing Features and Some Antivirus Softwares also help in preventing the Phishing by alerting you when you come across a Phishing or Forged Website.

Some Measures about Keeping your Sensitive information Secure:
1) Do not publicly mention your email address which is associated with your bank account or other corporate concerns.
2) Use different email address for personal, corporate, official, social and financial purposes with different passwords. Use the email address from the services like for public activities like posting in forums and commenting the blogs.
3) Do not share the credit card and other informations.
4) Never use the facilities like "Invite your Friends .." in the social websites which will ask you to enter your email account username and password. This will not only expose your email accounts but also expose the email addresses present in your address book.
5) Never enter your email addresses into the websites which you are not aware of. Please use the email address provided by the services like in such situations which has very good Anti Spam Measures.

So be careful while you enter your email address into some website. In my next post I will tell what you can do if you recognize or come across a Spoof or Phishing.
Phishing and Spoof - Part 4 - What to do after you recognize Spoof and Phishing


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