Friday, January 15, 2010

Phishing and Spoof - Part 4 - What to do after you recognize Spoof and Phishing

In previous post I have mentioned few things by which you can prevent Phishing. After little bit of exposure and experience, you can recognize most of the Spoof and Phishing.

If you have recognized or come across a Spoof or Phishing you will become cautious and must act safe to protect your sensitive information. Now you must also help others to be safe. You can do the following things if you recognize or come across Spoof and Phishing.

1) Spread the word about Spoof and Phishing.

2) Alert the websites like PhishTank, Symantec and Google about it.
PhishTank URL: (Needs Membership to report or vote)
Google Safe Browsing URL:
Symantec Anti Fraud URL:

3) Alert the company/website which is being Phished.
Some websites may have an email dedicated for reporting Spoof Emails. Please forward the Spoof Emails along with the Full Headers to them. Please keep the Spoof Emails in a Separate folder as you may need it later. Email the concerned websites the link of the page used for the phishing.

4) If you are a power user or web master, you can do the research about the registrant of the domain, Trace the Spoof Email for the server of Origin, Look for the IP Address and Server where the Phished Pages are hosted. Report these to the respective service providers.

5) Make a Blog or Post about different Spoof and Phishing which you have come across. Share it with your friends.

6) Many More....

Please share the information about Spoof and Phishing and the methods to identify and prevent it.


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