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The .IN.NET (dotIN dotNET) - Is it Really a New Address for India? Is it a Domain or SubDomain?

The news everywhere is that there is a launch of  new domain extension .IN.NET with "India's New Domain" as punchline..

.IN.NET is a part of RADIX (RadixRegistry) which is a constituent of Directi (Directi) which is one of the  leaders in the business of Web Presence (Domains, Webspace, Internet Traffic and Communications) which has a lot of innovative services and has millions of customers worldwide.. The registry system backend is provided by CentralNic (CentralNic) which has many of new TDLs ( .PW , .LA ) and LL.COM/LL.NET/LL.ORG which are TDL like subdomain extensions..

.IN.NET domain registration is focused to provide Indian Domain Name to Indians or Indian Business as per the Company's Website (IN.NET). This gives a new opportunity for many people to have an online address especially to those whose names or phrases are already registered by someone else.. This confers the "Availability" , one of the 3 descriptive terms of the company.

Another descriptive term of .IN.NET company is "Unrestricted" ! ! ! If the registration of .IN.NET is available to every individual, how will it be "India's New Domain" as anyone can register the domain name.. So the Indian essence of .IN.NET may be lost... So restricting the registration of the services will really provide a total Indian essence...

The third descriptive term is "Affordable" which is yet to be determined as the website does not reveal the prices of the registration / transfer or renewal processes as its Launch with Land Rush is from 17-June-2013 to 30-July-2013, the services will be open to the public from 01-August-2013...

Now is .IN.NET is offering domain registration or sub-domain registration........?
To find this out we must know the basic naming system over the internet like TLD, gTLD, ccTLD, SLD etc.. You can read about these terms by searching for "domain name basics" or at iGoldrush [domain name structure and TLDs (gTLD, sTLD, uTLD, ccTLD)] which explains these terms in a simple way with examples..

A few examples for TLD (Top-Level-Domain) : .com , .net , .org , .in , .us , .uk etc
Here .com , .net , .org are Generig-TLDs (gTLD) where as .in , .us , .uk are Country-Code-TLDs (ccTLD).

Now look at my domain, , here TLD is .com which is a gTLD..

Now consider (address of India's BSNL), here is an SLD. Many countries have ccTLD and some have SLDs which work as TLDs...
A few examples for SLD (Second-Level-Domains) : , , etc. In my address , kslokesh is also an SLD as it preceeds a TLD and blog is a Subdomain..

[ : blog (subdomain) ; kslokesh (SLD) ; com (TLD) ]

So considering yourname.IN.NET , here yourname the subdomain of IN.NET which is being offered as a domain name. But this subdomain really works as a real SLD due to the functioning of the DNS service..

There are lot of free services which provide subdomain-as-a-domain registration which works as SLDs like ,  etc. , We also have seen the popular CO.CC which stopped all the subdomain services and Google removed the domains from their index. You can search for the story of .CO.CC over the net for more information..

The registration service offered by .IN.NET is similar to that of .UK.COM, .JP.NET , .US.COM etc., which is Subdomain registration rather than True Domain Registration.. The Subdomain-as-a-Domain Service (SaaD Service) is really a new business opportunity especially when you have the names which are short (like 2 or 3 character) and more better if it corresponds to 2 or 3 character Country Codes or Accronyms etc. I think now the Network18's which is providing free email, should also start to provide name registrations like ..

Please DO NOT get confused between .IN.NET and .NET.IN ! ! ! The domain names with .IN , .CO.IN , .NET.IN , .ORG.IN , .GEN.IN , .FIRM.IN , .IND.IN etc extensions are maintained by IN Registry (IN Registry) which does not allow 2 character domain names and also has reserved words which cannot be registered by public. If it was allowed, someone would have registered domain names as IN.IN or COM.IN and start to provide SaaD Service as .IN.IN and .COM.IN respectively.... Who knows, as the demand for the names over the internet increases, the IN Registry itself may start to provide such services but it would be a genuine service...

.IN ccTLD domain name costs around 500 - 800 INR ( 8 - 15 USD) / year which can be registered at many domain registration providers of which BigRock (BigRock) is one of the Leading Participant and also a constitute of Directi Group or from GoDaddy (GoDaddy / which has recently started its office in India or from Net4 (Net4)..

If the name you wish is already registered by someone else, try for some alternative names or domain extensions. But for the people who are particular about the name, .IN.NET is really a good opportunity provided they are economically priced..

I will also register my .IN.NET name... If the price is acceptable for me..

Please visit IANA (IANA) which has list of TLD (gTLD and ccTLD) which are ICANN Approved (ICANN)..

Coming to domain hacks: , , , , etc will soon follow...

Happy Domaining ! ! !

Vande Maatharam,
Jai Hind.


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